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$7.95 A-1 CHICKEN SATAY A famous marinated chicken (house special) grilled and skewered; served with our signature peanut dipping sauce and fresh cucumber sauce. $6.95 A-2 CRISPY SPRING ROLLS A classic crispy roll, filled with fresh vegtables (cabbage, carrots, and celery) served with sweet & sour chili sauce $8.95 A-3 CRISPY SHRIMP WRAP Marinated shrimp wrapped in crispy spring roll skin; served with sweet & sour chilli sauce. $7.95 A-4 SHUMAI (STEAMED THAI DUMPLING) Fresh egg roll filled with ground pork, chicken, and shrimp with thai herbs; served with ginger sauce. $7.95 A-5 CURRY PUFF Ground chicken, potatoes, onions, raisins, and curry powder wrapped in fresh dough; served with cucumber sauce. $8.95 A-6 CRISPY CALAMARI Deep fried calamari; served with sweet chili sauce. $8.95 A-7 GOLDEN TRIANGLE* Deep fried tofu; served with sweet chili sauce $ 8.95 A-8 THAI FARM FRESH ROLLS (SHRIMP OR VEGETABLE) Thai style rolls wrapped with rice noodles, and filled with greens, mint, cilantro, and carrots; served with sauce. $6.95 A-9 CRAB RANGOONS Deep fried wonton wrap filled with crab meat, cream cheese, celery, carrots and onions; served with pineapple sauce. $8.95 A-10 HOY MOR DIN Baked mussels with lemongrass, bell peppers, and fresh basil; served in a special pot $8.95 A-11 SPARE Thai style fried spare ribs; served with sriracha sauce $7.95 A-12 ROTI CANAI Thai style crepe; served with yellow curry sauce $6.95 A-13 FRIED WONTON Deep fried wonton filled with chicken $7.95 A-14 VEGETABLE TEMPURA Vegetables coated with tempura flour and deep fried; served with soy sauce. $4.95 A-15 STEAMED EDAMAME WITH SEA SALT $17.95 A-16 THAI FARM COMBO Exotic variety of thai farm appetizers; serves for 2-4 people. Chef's choice, changes daily. $10.95 A-17 BUTTERFLY SHRIMP Shrimp coated with panko breadcrumbs and deep fried; served with sweet & sour chili sauce. $7.95 A-18 THAI FISH CAKES Thai style fish cake; served with sweet chili sauce

“Please notify your server if you have any allergies or medical conditions”


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